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CPA Secrets - Tips on Using Free Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

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There are many benefits in promoting CPA offers as it doesn't require you to generate a sale before you earn a commission. Using paid methods to send traffic to your offers is always a good thing but when first starting out you may not have the marketing budget to do so, so here are some ways to get traffic for free.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing is a way you can drive traffic to your offers by writing simple articles like the one you are reading now. Just write about a topic that involves something that your CPA offer surrounds and then finish the article by having your affiliate links in the resource box. The only cost here is the time it takes to create these articles but if you have time on your hands this is a very good way to get targeted traffic.

Video Marketing:

Developing and posting a video on websites like Youtube will display your offer to hundreds of Internet searchers and most computers come equipped with video editing software that you can use. There is no limit on how many videos you can create that contain a link to your offer and it's free to upload videos online.


Free classified ad websites like Craigslist have millions of visitors that come every month to search for all types of things. Just create an compelling ad and you will snag up visitors from these type of sites and bring them to your CPA offer, again your only cost is your time for posting ads.

These are just a few different free methods that you can use but you have to be sure and contact your affiliate manager within your CPA network to see if any of these forms of promotion are allowed for that particular offer as each offer has it's only guidelines.

Learn even more powerful techniques and tips by visiting the Adwords Reinvented Course.

Super affiliates are pulling in cash hand over fist with these methods and you need these skills in your online arsenal.

Be sure to check out http://www.AdwordsReinventeds.com now!

Don't let your competition get an upper hand on you!

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Using SEO Elite to Get High Search Engine Rankings

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Lots of cash can be made from a website but you must be thinking of the most effective ways to do it seriously. Don't you wish that your site ranked at the top of search engines, with enormous traffic and six digit sales? Why not in addition, the sooner you can explode your efforts the more you will benefit.

Every single day more internet marketers become fans of SEO software, and you bet they are not into the wrong path! SEO tools help us save us huge efforts and endless time.

The SEO Elite users are some of the most successful people in this internet world. Elite offers have many rich features unlike other search engine optimization product. However, this is not the pride; it is the results, which are achieved repeatedly.

The problem is SEO Elite is such a thing for which you will spend and get no increase in traffic if no effort is put in. It is a monster in the right hands but a disaster in the wrong ones.

Ultimately, it takes 2-3 days to master this thing - three full days to ignore other things to understand what works with SEO Elite and what does not. Because, believe in me that this is a masterpiece of a software.

Do not think I am exaggerating the potential of SEO Elite. There are a lot of benefits to using software like this because it will automate a bunch of your tasks for you. Being able to automate certain tasks will be the bread and butter of any profitable business.

Learn a Step by Step approach to SEO and How You Can Begin Getting High Search Engine Rankings Without All the Expensive Software!


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On Page Website Optimization

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Setting up a website for anyone that has been doing it for any length of time is no big deal. In fact it's a piece of cake or is it? What I mean is that sometimes the tasks that we perform very frequently start to become so familiar that we skip steps without even knowing it.

One of my hobbies is woodworking. In any kind of carpentry trade the statistics overwhelming show that more accidents are due to the operator becoming too comfortable with the tools and not focusing enough on the task at hand. In woodworking this could cost you a hand!

Luckily with on page SEO all you will loose is your rankings and of course the income that you would have made from those nice listings in the SERPS!

So with this in mind you may find it worth your time to make a simple check list that will help you insure that your web pages are setup correctly for the search engines. This check list should include...

1. H1 TAG. Make sure the page title is enclosed within H1TAGS.

2. Your target keyword is within the first paragraph and distributed sparingly throughout the page.

3. Use the targeted keyword phrase within the Anchor Text of the page.

4. The page should contain between 400 and 500 words.

5. Sentences should not be exceeding long this will help your readability score.

6. META TAGS, yes still important! The description tag should contain the main keyword near the beginning and should be less than 200 characters, including spaces. Don't waste this space. Write to compel surfers to click. If you have a business that you are looking to also get phone calls put your businesses phone number in the description tag.

7. ALT TAGS. Optimize the images on the page with a accurate description of the image. If you can include your keyword in that description that's great but keyword stuffing the ALT TAGS will hurt your rankings.

8. KEYWORD TAG. Use your main keyword and a few variations like plurals and or misspellings. As you write the copy for your site keep in mind to use variations of the main keyword and keep the copy focused on user benefit. If the mechanics of the on page optimization are in place the search engine robots will be able to read and analyze the relevancy of the page to the keyword that is within the H1 tag.

Last but not the least of importance is the use of a site map. Make sure that you use a site map on all your sites. This provides a roadmap for the search engine spiders to locate and index all the pages of your site.

Je Dunn has been writing articles online for nearly 7 years. Not only does this author specialize in SEO and Search Marketing, you can also check out his latest website on Kitchen Ceiling Lights and Heat Pump Comparisons

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3 Super Simple Tips For Keyword Optimization

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There are many many "blueprints" and "formulas" out there for internet marketers to choose from, and there is success stories from each. But one thing that almost all marketers invest at least a little bit of time into keyword optimization. A website that is seen as relevant to a particular set of keywords will be put in front of people searching for those keywords and then those searchers will visit your site.

How many keywords?
You should be paying more attention to making sure the content of your website flows naturally and fits well rather than the number of times a certain keyword appears. In saying that, there are many different theories pertaining to keyword optimization; some people will say 1% (1 in 100) of your words should be the key term, others say put it in the title of the paragraph, near the beginning of the article and near the end. In the end it's all subjective as the rules and guidelines for SEO and keyword density and optimization are ever changing.

Proximity of keywords?
Having certain keywords in close proximity to one another can also be very helpful. For example the first sentence might contain one keyword while the second sentence contains a variant of that key phrase. This shows the search engines relevancy to a certain topic.

What the heck is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)?
Basically LSI is another thing that the search engines look at on your page. As a quick example; if your site has the keyword "Apple" in it, then the search engine must check the other words on the page to try and figure out whether or not your site is about apple trees or Apple Computers. One main rule of thumb I follow is to always optimize for one keyword phrase and then weave in a few secondary phrases, this way you may be indexed for both keywords as well as catering for your sites LSI. In making sure that you also include those secondary (relevant) phrases you also show the search engines that you have a site that is rich in relevant content and will therefore send more visitors your way.

Final points?
Even if you manage to achieve the top spot on any search engine through correct keyword optimization and SEO techniques, you must always remember that content is king. While you want some optimized phrases and to place the correct meta-tag information on your site, the most important thing is juicy valuable content. You want to build your site based on that rich content and then focus on optimization techniques.

If you already have a content rich website and want to make sure your Keyword Optimization is top notch, or for an instant download of 3 FREE specific strategies to make more money on the internet, head on over to http://keywordelitesoftware2.tk

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How To Use EzineArticles For Content

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The EzineArticles directory is the best-known and most-cited article directory on the Web. Due to its stringent editorial guidelines it has garnered a high level of trust in Google and other search engines. This is a good thing for anyone willing to spend the time and effort in creating original articles for submission to the directory. If you choose your keywords carefully (especially when crafting the title) and use good anchor text and calls to action in the resource box, your articles will over time generate substantial traffic to your site. (It also makes money for EzineArticles, since some percentage of readers will click the AdSense ads instead of following the link(s) to your site. That’s the price you pay for the traffic, although of course it doesn’t actually cost you anything in real terms.)

There’s another way you can use EzineArticles, though, and that’s as a source of free content for your own blogs and websites. All you have to do is follow EzineArticles’ publishing guidelines.

Take, for example,article BlackBerry Applications: What Software Developers Need To Know which primarily drives traffic to my BlackBerry consulting landing page. Having other sites republish that article gives me more backlinks and more traffic.

Republishing an article is quite simple. First you search for an appropriate article. One you’ve found one you like, click the EzinePublisher link to the right of the article title. (For a live example, just click this link to open the EzinePublisher page for my own article in a separate window — it’ll make it easier to follow the rest of this article.)

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7 steps to get a bigger earning adsense

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The Google AdSense program is like finding money in the street.

Kids in High School are making thousands of dollars a month with Adsense... Housewives, Retiree's, Mom and Pop's who've never made a dime on the Internet have created full time incomes by simply placing AdSense Ads on their web site or blog.

Then you have the "Super AdSense" earners. We have all heard of them... the Elite few who are on track to make half a million dollars a year or more promoting AdSense sites.

Do not be mistaken though... these people are not building like your Mom and Pop's do. They have systems in place that create sites for them... people who build sites for them... they have outsourced and automated many of the tedious tasks such as posting to blogs and searching for keywords.

While most people cannot emulate everything these Super AdSense earners do... many of them you can.

Here are 7 Required Steps you can implement today to copy their success.

1) Starting today... treat your AdSense business like it is a REAL business and track what you do.

Begin tracking what you are doing that works... as well as what you are doing that does not work. This will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over, and you can repeat the steps that have worked in the past. As simple as this step seems... most people do not know the reason(s) to their success or failure.

2) Utilize the latest tools and software available.

The Super AdSense earners are not any smarter than your average person. I know many people think they are... but for the most part, they are regular non techie people.

They are smarter in one respect though... they use the latest tools available to them to automate most of the tasks involved with researching and creating sites. They use the latest keyword, site creation and search engine optimization tools available. The tools they use are their secret weapons.

3) Quit chasing the Mega Dollar keywords.

You cannot compete with the search engine experts who create sites for the $80 payout keywords. You may get lucky every now and then... but in the long run, you are better off building sites for the low to mid range payout keywords. The competition is less, and your chance of success is much higher over the long term.

4) Choose broad niches and break it down.

Choose a broad subject as your main theme (lets use computers for an example). From there... break it down into as many sub niches as possible.

Using Computers as the example... you could build sub niches/sites like laptop computers, computer hard drives, computer keyboards, etc, etc. You could literally build hundreds of sites around one major theme and stay totally focused. Once you have exhausted every possible sub niche of that major theme... choose another main theme and repeat the process.


Keep your sites easy to navigate and forget the fancy graphics that distract your visitors attention. Unless you are just building AdSense sites for the fun of it and to impress your friends... the purpose of having the site is to have people click on one of the ads, right? Then keep the site layout simple... dump the scrolling banners, dancing chickens and colored scroll bars... they are distractions.

6) What is the purpose of your web site?

Your web site cannot be everything to everybody. If you have a full fledged ecommerce site, with products for sale... links to other products, it is not a good site for AdSense. If the primary focus of the site is to sell products... let it do that.

Do not distract or confuse your visitor with to many options or choices. The best AdSense sites are AdSense only content sites that sell nothing. They are sites that "Tell"... not "Sell."

7) Be consistent.

This is not one of those deals where you build one site and you are done. Refer back to Step #4. You must continuously build in order to be successful.

Think of it as planting a crop that you will harvest in a month or two, and the sites you build are seeds. Once the seeds have grown and matured... you will reap the harvest. The more seeds you plant... the larger the harvest.

To sum it up... utilize the tools available to automate as much of the process of building sites - doing research and building keyword lists as you can. This alone will help keep you organized and on track. Be consistent in building... treat it like the business it is and you will reap the rewards of your harvest.

Andrew Daum is the Publisher of the New Traffic Tools Newsletter. You can subscribe by visiting his web site at; http://www.newtraffictools.com and receive updates when the latest to be released traffic building software is available.

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Monetizing on Facebook with Aplication

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A breakthrough in new applications that Facebook has not been there for this. With creative ideas bermodalkan created an application where the user can answer a few questions asked and get the reward money. This application is called "Bagi-Bagi on Facebook"

in launching a new day on Saturday 25 July 2009. Of course, this attracts many attention, the bloggers and users Facebook race-race to sign up, especially with this system application also uses a referral system, where we can invite friends to join us in this application and the way we can gain additional revenue from downline (who we call friends).

How can that be obtained?
You Answered Rp 150, --
Downline from level 1 Rp 60, --
Downline from level 2 Rp 50, --
Downline from level 3 Rp 40, --
(For any questions answered)

FAQ Bagi-Bagi on Facebook :

Q: What are the application-for?
A: It is the media advertising network bridge between the advertiser (advertiser) and the readers. Simpelnya is, you pay to read the ads or the ads that run on.
When you install the ads here, your ad will be read with enthusiasm by the users of this application at this time amounted to 2.585 people.

Q: Who is the target user application?
A: The online advertisers (Advertiser) and the users facebook (FBers) who want additional income.

Q: Can I act as the advertiser (advertiser) and also as readers of the ad?
A: Of course, you can act as both.

Q: What is the benefit advertisers (Advertiser) here in other places compare?
A: Here, your ad does not just click on the course but by readers and are the responsibility of reading with enthusiasm by the user application.

Q: Why do they so enthusiastic about reading my ad?
A: Because the readers here (FBers) get a commission every ad that they read or answered.

Q: I see the term 'Click Ads' and' Qads', meaning what?
A: Click Ads is the type of ad click, that means the reader to click the link in the ad published. Readers medapatkan commission.
Qads is type ads that contain a question / quiz. Haruskan readers in the first question, when readers will get the correct commission.

Q: Can I get more commission by clicking the or the same ad many times?
A: Can not! commission / valid point that only one in the computation time only! click on the next will not take into account.

Q: What can I do to get more commission?
A: You can invite friends, they will be in your network. The depth of network level is only valid up to 3 levels below. Suppose you have a network level 1 of 10 people, the network level 2 of 100 people and level 3 of the 1000, the total network under you as much as 1110 people.

Q: How do I invite friends that they join under me?
Use the share button or link below to invite your friends


http://apps.facebook.com/bagi-bagi/index.php?fuid=13930106xx (you have no different)

Q: This game money or MLM yah? averse ah!
A: You do not need to spend money to use this application, unless you want to install the ad (Advertiser). What you do is, use the application, to sit, watch the ads there, click on the ads or ads that question there. Commission a point directly akan ter-credit to your account.

Q: Point from where? Cash can I?
A: Yes, you can point Cash. Value of 1 point at Rp 1,000, - if the point you reach the minimum requirement by bank transfer (in the BCA is Rp 10.000, -) or 10-point, the money of Rp 10.000, - akan transfer through the Bank. Do not forget, immediately update the name of the bank and your bank account number. Point came from the Advertiser. When you click the ad or the property Advertiser at the point will be distributed to you and your upline-upline.

Q: Would you please describe in more detail
A: Suppose Advertiser of advertising (20 point), or Rp 20,000, - to the Admin. Number of point to as much as (Rp 20,000 / Rp 500) = 40 people that the ad (including you). So, 1-click Uniq Facebooker worth Rp 500, - which will be distributed as follows:

for you to Rp 150, --
upline for level 1 Rp 60, --
upline for level 2 Rp 50, --
upline for level 3 Rp 40, --

So when you click 10 ads and you will get (Rp 150, - x 10 ads) = Rp 1500, --

Q: With the network system, if not for the benefit akan join first?
A: Not necessarily the first to join will be more successful in the appeal join later. Here in a few rules apply, for example:
# The depth level is only 3 levels below you. It is very possible, for example total downline you have 100 people, but there downline level 3 you have an active and total dowline 1000 people, this may occur
# When a user in a certain time period does not actively use the application they downlinenya will pass by in level 1 to the upline above. However, his name will not be clear and point-in point that has been collected is still there.

Q: How many point do I have to second this?
A: Point your property until this is second. 4.97 or equal to Rp 4,970.00

Q: seated ...... I still I doubt I ... This gimmick-indirection? truth is not in the pay?
A: The likelihood terburuknya is not there when the tide Advertiser ad here. Means that no ads will be published in as a user and you do not get the point. You will get the detail records point that you have received, if the point you have reached the minimum requirement a bank transfer of Rp 10.000, - (10 point) then the transfer will begin, and your point will be reduced a number of value transfer.

Q: Hm ... I was less comfortable with the 'network', I feel its what yah?
A: Like MLM, ponzi schemes, pyramid, money game, arisan money, business 5 bucket yah? Reasonable when you behave suspiciously. Here you do not need to spend money. No Risk! The more users this application, hopefully interesting (advertiser) to install the ad here. The more funds that the advertiser to remove the ads, the more potential commissions also that you can achieve, that is the consequence in this application named "Share-Share", share the profits :-)

Q: What is the ad that expired?
A: This is an ad that is running out time / publications. Advertisers (Advertiser) pay some money to the manager, eg Rp 100.000, - This is for 200 people. 1 so that people click worth Rp 100 ribu / 200 = Rp 500. 500 in cash to distribute:
Management (Rp 200, -)
You (Rp 150, -)
Upline Level 1 (Rp 60, -)
Upline Level 2 (Rp 50, -)
Upline Level 3 (Rp 40, -)

This ad will expire when you reach the 200 people already have the answer or to click this ad. Automatic, this ad will go into the status of "Expired".

Q: Are the ads that can be expired by the Advertiser extend?
A: Yes, of course. When you as the advertiser (advertiser), you can extend the ads that you have. Good more ... orang2 that has been said / clicks your ad will not take into account in the alias pointnya point they will not grow. For example, you purchase advertising for the 200 people at Rp 100,000, - When you have reached this ad expired, and you want to extend the 200 people again, for the same ad, then you just transfer the money back to the admin of 100 thousand to 200 people and more This does not include 200 people who yesterday had the same read / reply your ad.

Q: What is effective advertising here?
A: Of course, with the number of users until the application at this time of 20.000 people, they will always be waiting from your ad. My advice, to promote the website / product / service, use a bit difficult, so that the reader will learn serious website / product / services from you. If necessary, when you advertise the website, give answers when readers first have to register it on your website. AND, answers questions and can at will change you as an advertiser, this prevent ... have the answer to the leaking downlines :-)

How to participate and run this application, please see the explanation below:

1. Follow the application with the click here
2. Please answer the questions you are given

* note the hint (instructions), select the correct answers and submit

do not forget to invite other friends to spread the link that you have down on the left or click on share

do not forget to invite other friends to spread the link that you have down on the left or klikKarena with many friends on the more chance you also get additional revenue.

Absorbed from Facebookpun not we can get additional revenue.
please try application here
Oya, should report before the many friends who participate, because the fewer friends who join the more chance we get to the downline means an additional form of revenue share

Nb: If you have questions do not mean that all ads have been exhausted be another user, please wait tomorrow or some time (while hopefully pray that many want to place ads on this application, so we can reply and get the rupiah: o)

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Viral Marketing Software Blowout! (BLOG BUZZ)

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blog buzz

“Discover How This Blog Finder Software Will Help You Uncover SEO Friendly Blogs!”

And Create An Avalanche Of Traffic, Links & Sales For Years To Come!


This site does not store any files on it’s server.We only index and link to content provided by other sites.
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Download = Unlimited Adsense Income

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A Thorough Guide With Powerful Strategies That Will Allow You To Create Profit Pulling Adsense

Websites At Will!”

* The difference between putting ads where they’ll be seen on your site and where they’ll be

overlooked-would you believe it can make the difference in a click-through rate of 2.3%
versus 40%?!

* How YOU can get killer content for your site that you don’t have to write yourself!

* How YOU can use a few simple tools to direct massive amounts of traffic to your site!

* How YOU can automate your content, yet avoid being blacklisted by the major search engines

for doing so!

* The secrets of keyword-rich content-what it means, what it does, how to get it!

* How YOU can figure out which keywords will bring you the most money!

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Download = PPC Scare Tactics

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PPC Scare Tactics
20 Apr 2009
>> Affiliate tools, advertising tools

ppc scare tactics

How “PPC Scare Tactics” Puts The Power Of Proven… Time Tested… Traffic-Getting… Sales Boosting Strategies To Work For YOU…

… quickly and easily injecting your Ads with the most effective
psychological tactics that will make people literally afraid to not click through and buy your products and services right now!

A Quick Sneak Peak At What You Get:

* Discover how to strike the core motivating desires of your prospects with copy & paste simplicity.

* Get detailed videos and a quick reference PDF guide to make it rediculously easy to master scare tactics.

* Includes special web-based software designed to amplify the intensity of the fear you induce and put more money in your pocket.

* And More…

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Download = Black Mask Adsense

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Beware of self-proclaimed “gurus” feeding you Bogus info that was out-of-date before they even wrote it…

Insider Risks It All… To Reveal Tactics So Nasty… So Forbidden… So Downright Evil…You’ll Suck a Billion Dollar Well Dry!

Say goodbye to those $10 AdSense checks…
Say goodbye to the days of dropping $1000’s on PPC…

Because you’re just minutes from the secret weapon
that will finally expose thousands of wealth-builders to…
Google’s Dirty Little Secret…

…paying for Adwords traffic that sucks every last penny of profits from your pocket…

…wasting your money on worthless e-books that claim to teach you up-to-date money-making techniques…

…blindly following the so-called “experts” who scream “AdSense is dead…”

…wasting your time on tactics that already stopped working LAST YEAR…

…letting Google Slap you around like a little girl…

Finally Exposed:

“The Insider Information that exploits a billion-dollar Google loophole… And A Fool-Proof System You Can Copy To Rake In The Cash…”

Whether you’re a newbie, seasoned AdSense pro or ClickBank affiliate, you need to stop what you’re doing and listen. Because I am about to expose a dirty little secret – one that will allow you to get in on the “money-making conspiracy of 2007? and copy a step-by-step blueprint that they are fighting to hide as we go to press.

This conspiracy explains why some “complete beginners” make more in Adsense checks than so-called veterans. It explains why affiliate marketers may never have to pay for PPC again. And, if you’ve tried to make “easy” money and failed… if you’ve lost your shirt with Adwords trying to get the targeted traffic you need…

… then you must read each and every word of this page, because…

“You’ve Been Lied-To…And Ripped-Off…For The Very Last Time…”

Finally… someone has uncovered the real-deal insider-secrets that once again… in 2007… turn a billion dollar industry into your personal ATM.

If you give me a few moments, I will show you where the money is – and how to legally steal it. But let me be honest…

At this point I might normally ask you to sit back, relax and take in every detail I’m about to reveal. But you won’t be able to sit back. You’re going to be on the edge of your seat for the whole ride. I guarantee. But before I continue, I should tell you that….

“The Black Mask Blueprint has nothing to do with…”

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Download Adsense BlackHat Edition

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AdSense Black Hat Techniques Have Been EXPOSED!

Do you want to know the dirtiest tricks and secrets to making money online?

In AdSense BlackHat Edition, I am going to show you the controversial techniques you can use everyday to make FIVE FIGURE sums using Google AdSense, and they’re all legal!

So, I’m giving you my high quality, 50+ page ebook, which contains zero fluff and nothing but page after page of rock solid information, absolutely free of charge.

In this eBook, here is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn

* Ad placement and page design that can increase your CTR by 500%
* Building techniques that can TRIPLED your AdSense PROFIT!
* How to create professional 1000+ page websites for FREE in minutes!
* The power of BACK LINKS and killer techniques you can use to quickly secure them!
* The SECRET WEAPONS I’ve used to generate a 5 FIGURE INCOME and how you can too!
* And much, much more!

But, that’s not all! You can earn access to the PRIVATE ADSENSE BLACKHAT FORUM and a constaly growing list of AWESOME BONUSES just for signing up for my ebook! All Absolutely FREE!!

You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this offer. Don’t regret not grabbing an exclusive opportunity to make your life better, because the only regret I have is that I can’t offer it to you forever.

Download :
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How to avoid clicking your own ads in adsense

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Sometimes inadvertence sometimes we have to click Adsense ads in your own blog is because it's not by a sense of its contents. In order for there to Prevent Not There Click On Ads Adsense Self then to prevent the occurrence of inadvertent clicks on the Adsense Ads you can use a script. There is no publisher who would like to Adsense account in the banned by Adsense because it violates the TOS by clicking Adsensenya itself. Therefore I think the following script is very useful to prevent the occurrence of this.

1. Install FireFox

2. Install Greasemonkey extension

3. Install Script

after everything is finished, and then visit your site. It will appear a pop-up box containing the fields and then fill with your publisher ID, for example, pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
To test if you successfully do so, click "Ads by Google", if not pro-any effect (meaning do not display adsense its exit), then you have succeeded.
Hopefully useful.

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Ways To Improve Your Adsense Earning

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There are many blogger who use adsense as their primary earning. But, get some money in google adsenses is not easy as we read on the other blog. Many people said “It is very easy to get money from adsense”, but “many people” who said like that is the master of adsense. So, you must work “hard” to get more money from adsense.

There are many things what you must to do to incerase your google adsense earning. For the example, you must have many visitor. To has many visitor is not easy, we must do “BlogWalking”, Search Engine Optomation (SEO), make interesting articles, and many other. But, i have 5 fundamental ways how to increase adsense earning and you should do it.

Here are the ways :

1. Concentrating on one format of Adsense ad. The one format that worked well for the majority is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This same format have the tendency to result in higher CTR, or the click-through rates. Why choose this format out of the many you can use? Basically because the ads will look like normal web links, and people, being used to clicking on them, click these types of links. They may or may not know they are clicking on your Adsense but as long as there are clicks, then it will all be for your advantage.

2. Create a custom palette for your ads. Choose a color that will go well with the background of your site. If your site has a white background, try to use white as the color of your ad border and background. The idea to patterning the colors is to make the Adsense look like it is part of the web pages. Again, This will result to more clicks from people visiting your site.

3. Remove the Adsense from the bottom pages of your site and put them at the top. Do not try to hide your Adsense. Put them in the place where people can see them quickly. You will be amazed how the difference between Adsense locations can make when you see your earnings.

4. Maintain links to relevant websites. If you think some sites are better off than the others, put your ads there and try to maintaining and managing them. If there is already lots of Adsense put into that certain site, put yours on top of all of them. That way visitor will see your ads first upon browsing into that site.

5. Try to automate the insertion of your Adsense code into the webpages using SSI (or server side included). Ask your web administrator if your server supports SSI or not. How do you do it? Just save your Adsense code in a text file, save it as “adsense text”, and upload it to the root directory of the web server. Then using SSI, call the code on other pages. This tip is a time saver especially for those who are using automatic page generators to generate pages on their website.

You must remember, do not make fraud clicks on your adsense, it can make you were banned by google, and then you will lost your alternative jobs. The ways that i told to you is legal ways. so, you can follow my direction.
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Install digg button in every post

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Digg can be an accelerator for your blog, because a lot of content on the website-share there ... free. Constraints appear if someone difficulty uploading the post to digg. And to simplify it, make a digg this button. Stay logged in, and you're done!. Install digg button in every post is also easy, or the Install button on the digg website. But this time special for Blogger.

Follow the steps below to Install digg button in every post :

1. After login, go ye EDIT HTML Template

2. Check the "Expand Widget Templates"

3. Then search the code

4. If you have, post this code right above the code

Do not forget to save! Digg button then appears in the top right of the post you ... Good luck and Happy Blogging!

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Adsense Secret : Generate Blacklisted MFA Sites and Low Cost per Click ads

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Play with the Adsense is not easy. Since the beginning of the struggle to get the Adsense account until we become a publisher and try to get the number of clicks and earn some money.

Every Adsense publisher certainly know what is High Paying Keywords (HPK). But why after use high paying keywords our click values or CPC (Cost Per Click) still remained low?

Actually there is one step behind by you. It is to remove the MFA Ads (Made for Adsense) and Block low paying and irrelevant ads showing on your site.

To do this you should learn these simple guides …

As you know, or perhaps you didn’t know that our Adsense account actually has the features to block those MFA sites. Before these, you should learn how to generate those MFA sites and insert them into our Adsense Blocked Sites or Competitive Ad Filter.

Generate Blacklisted MFA Sites and Low Cost per Click ads

1) Register in AdsBlackList, it’s free!

AdsBlackList is a site where you can generate blacklisted sites (MFA and Low Cost ads) that have been blacklisted by AdsBlackList member.

2) Go to “My Account” at the left sidebar, click “Add New Domain” then add your blog and your keyword. If I’m not mistaken, you might need to wait them to approve your blog.

3) After they’ve approved you, now go to “Generate Filter List”

4) You may see your domain at the Available Domains, drag it and drop it on “Keywords from selected domains”. Checkbox the “MFA” or “LCPC” then click “Submit”. You will see a list of 200 MFA/LCPC blacklisted site.

Block Them In Adsense Account

Open your Adsense account, go “Adsense Setup” and choose “Competitive Ad Filter”. Scroll down and you’ll see this “AdSense for Content filters”. Copy the 200 MFA blacklisted sites and paste them into the box and click “Save Changes”.

I can’t guaranteed 100% that you will get good CPC (Cost per Click) for all ads, because we have just insert 200 MFA/LCPC blacklisted sites and you know there are tonnes of these MFA?LCPC sites out there, but at least you reduce the percentage of getting Adsense ads from useless MFA sites. After following these steps, you might need to sit down and analyse your result, you should be able to make more money with Adsense now.

note:MFA = Made For AdsenseLCPC = Low Cost Per ClickCPC = Cost Per Click

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10 Tips & Tricks Google Adsense

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1. For those who have not join the Google Adsense (GA) is often denied or apply in adsense, might start with making the blog in English www2.blogger.com - Update at least 1 - 2 Weeks OK if i apply the new GA. This possibility was successful with 90% note your site is not illegal site (hacker, porn, download crack) and the like and the site must also be frequently updated

2. Site you should learn the English language-or if the mixture is usually less akan out text-ads-Google it, I quit 99% advertising services (but may violate the TOS diakalin - Terms of servises) unless your site is the annual (more than 1 - 2 years) a new ad out that Indo I sometimes mix English and can also be English and sometimes can go out "advertising services

3. Never you Cheating Google because sooner or later you certainly discovered, read the TOS before because every 3 - 6 months once new regulations certainly do have the day I see more complicated ... 90% sure I never do GA cheating either deliberately or out of, most often in foul sure akan banned, if that is rarely given a warning firs

4. If you do want to increase site traffic for free how to use:

* - List all the sites in search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and MSN (do every Sunday 2)
* Exchange links / banners with each other website Send e-mail it to you friend (do not spam) or put the signature in your e-mail
* Use your site's signature when posting in the forum
* Mailing list can sometimes help (do not spam too)
* Update site and make interesting and informative as possible so that the interest for influent
* Make any home do not SPAM & no TOS violation GA

5. Alternatively you have to pay to install one banner on other sites, that you think fit with what you promote or pairs with Google AdWords. Never pay sites promising you thousands of visitors because the traffic is only temporary and is prohibited by GA

6. Do not you spam in any campaign for the site because of my own jg I hate spam and spam typically reputation despite ugly akan site traffic increases for a moment what the long-term effect will be not good and your site will be in the "blacklist". Do not be so frustrating because people who have many Indo Netter stamp out the bad reputation on the internet as Netter contentious hacker, pirate copyright, nipu own nation and last start like SPAM

7. You can affiliate with clickbank, amazon, or do other nambah revenue for your site. Position of the right ad placement, site, and often in the news-update can also make you a distinctive advantage

8. Your site should have a suffix. Com. Net, if only because Google's blogspot akan very much competition for at this time and rarely enter top ten ranking unless you find the words unique to you or your site is very informative and given the news site you useful for many people. If so take a long time for the top position in the can unless you advertise your site

9. You should have a hobby of writing the article because if your site does not only contain information you retrieved from the site of others and your rating will be slow even if you take rise from the site and continue to get you to edit and perbagus, please cantumin source of news for you is this journalists code of ethics. Article I are on the internet are often dibajak without mencamtumkan source from where. Study and share mutual respect one another Netter, if you include people who like to hijack, how yah been reduced and finally eliminated ...

10. This last is the most important "never surrender" because all people and I also start from zero. All things there is always the beginning. Study, study and learn is the key that would work in this field and I also still do to this day
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Beware!!! how to freeze the account facebook

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Beware! Facebook in the hack you. Now have the program's name GZ Facebook. How it works is quite simple, we live typing e-mail from the account that have facebook, and then click Freeze. Now wait some time .. Result, the password that facebook will have changed, and he can not go back into its facebook!

Why? Facebook to danger if we freeze like this. lost facebook account? uh, the heavy current can not access facebook. What if this day can not open facebook feels like death? He .. he ..

But it may have its positive side also loh ney program. I want to try, please download at here. The practice is only to your own account, and hold themselves see how angry you without facebook. From there we can see how addicted to facebook ourselves.

I own up at this time not know how to correct the freeze problem, but how safe enough, we also need to keep the e-mail us a username. With the information the e-mail, at least step further in avoiding the danger of the victim from the top keisengan our facebook account.

I interested to try the program, there is here. And remember, I do not personally liable for anything that may result from the program. All the responsibility of you as a user. So use wisely

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How to change the layout faceebook

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Facebook layout change that is actually easy and can be done with just a few steps.

How to change the layout of Facebook is to allow the application Yantoo Layers as the layout for your Facebook. Ok here's the steps to change the display layout of your Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account,

2. Then click on this link: App Facebook layout.

3. Then you will be asked whether to allow permission to Application, then click "Allow".

4. Next will appear a list view layout / template category with Facebook-category on the side of right. And each category consists of various types of layout and ready to select you to Facebook.

5. Select (select) in the image layout of Facebook that you like, then you will be asked to Install Layers Yantoo if not ever install. Once installed the layout of your choice will be installed.

That's how to change layout of facebook, and later I will show how to change the background Facebook also sites the layout of Facebook.

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Whats is Backlink

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Backlink is a link back or it is an easy link from the address of your blog which is located on another blog. Backlink helpful to increase your Google PageRank in the search engine. As a set formula in the calculation of the PageRank algorithm the number of links to be important factor.

Backlink is important, so that bloggers who want a popular blog will be struggling to get this backlink. Here are some things related to the backlink need to know.

Backlink that obtained from the blog that is not indexed then no search engine indexed also. Including that come from sites that have more than 100 links free / not included in the text content of the site.

Backlink that obtained from the blog has a PageRank of 0 and has been aged more than 1 year also worth 0. To increase the number of backlink jumped suddenly was not counted because they use energy mesin.spamming.

Backlink's blog on the similarity with the first 9 digits are calculated kaena not considered the relationship still exists.

Backlink from the blog that is not relevant to the content of the site then you are also not counted, for example, your blog about taxation, but can backlink from a blog about the heavy equipment, how to cook, dst.

Backlink that obtained from the blog that contains about hacking, spamming, porn, gambling and warehouse contents without link (linkfarm) then will not be counted as well, eyebrow value 0 (zero)

Backlink which are temporary or just a backlink is located less than 3 months will also not be counted as a backlink

YOU CAN CHECK YOUR BACKLINK IN HERE : http://backlinkwatch.com

So hopefully this course useful.
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Tricks of the ads on website to get more clicks

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Do you google adsense publisher? If so, then you need to read the tips and tricks to increase revenue from your google adsense. Will be discussed here are 10 tricks and you must do if want to increase your adsense earning. Of course, trick following provisions do not violate TOS of google adsense.

* Color your ad is one of the tricks that must be learned. Make sure your ad is the same as the background color you blog. Use of even reducing the frame to click on adsense you install.

* Avoid using a horizontal banner or leaderboard ads. Because the Adsense experts say that people are still blind to this type of ad.

* You can use the Google heat map to find out where the best place to put adsense on your site. Google Adsense has tips for that.

* Competitive Adsense keywords to trigger ads on your blog page. You can use the most popular keywords.

* Create ads that look like your blog page.

* Google is an ad link unit tampakny a higher CTR or Click-Through Rate. There are a variety of ad formats that you can use.

* You can add multiple image ads on the side.

You can add 3 AdSense ad units and 1 link on the page, and 3 other units. Make sure you place their ads to the right place for your ad to avoid confusing readers.

* Focus on a particular topic. Your content is focused on a particular topic can trigger AdWords ads that are appropriate to the content. This will make the visitor will be more interested to click on your ad.

* Use the Ad Channels for each of your ad placements for each of your ads, to track and measure the success of any custom channel, so you know which one gives you the highest CTR.

Both survivors and do not give up trying, because the internet can we make money without limit. SUCCESS.
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My alexa ranking in 4 days

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1. image taken on 25 June 2009

2. image taken on 27 June 2009

3. image taken on 29 June 2009

want your alexa rank as my website ???
please click here

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Improve Alexa Ranking with 3 software (FREE)

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Without a doubt, I will discuss how to improve alexa ranking for 3 days using the 3 software, I guarantee it is powerful

I will give this 3 software with free

1. first you donwload software proxy finder (click here)

2. run the software, and then click find, wait until you reach 100%

3. after reaching 100% click save

4. download software valid proxy (click here) , click Load then you go right before the file is saved and then click start

5. if the process is done, click the save

6. download software hitspanker (click here)

7. enter your url domain and click Next Step

8. enter a list of proxies that have been saved using the software proxy valid and click Next Step

9. click Start and enjoy that

note : Repeat steps 7 to 9 as long as you want to increase your alexa ranking
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How to Increase Traffic quickly web1000 Visitors for Alexa

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Getting 1000 visitors in a moment of time is not a dream anymore, especially for the bloggers who are focused on improving web traffic (Web Traffic). How will I share this I have all the evidence and is free. So here's how:

1. Download the Alexa Toolbar Get Sparky

2. Open the script from this link: http://doorwaypage.com/C527-139.php. Then fill in address of your blog or website. In this script there are many options Proxy server list (Unique Proxy Servers List), then please use the friends list of each.

3. Use this script for 1 - 2 hours a day and see the results in the first week.

4. Will be better when in the web or blog temen2 also installed alexa widget, Please open this link: http://www.alexa.com/site/site_stats/signup

Hopefully, this technique helps them to increase web traffic quickly

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VIRAL LINK = Media Link Exchange = Grow Your Traffic

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Viral link exchange media is the link function to connect the links of websites that have been registered. Link will be installed throughout the website at random and without human intervention so that it automatically links all have the same opportunity to appear in the link list.

Viral link to provide free services, link your website or blog can be inserted in another website without a continental biya, that you do is register your website and the link list.

Your link will be inserted in the link list as an example the following

Viral link exchange using the principle link in the form of a link list is a list of links to websites or blogs that have joined in the viral network link 10 with the number of links to increase link. Link list will be given time to register your website or blog to link viral network.

You can also link you to monitor the development of the runtime, such as: Number of hits, the number of links appear in the List, the number of visitor and the average time for both days is also 1 to 2 days before, such as the following example in

Viral link in the network has registered 977 linker and will continue to grow. All linker will show your website link. The more the linker:

1. Will expand and multiply the number of links to your website
2. Will provide opportunities to increase Traffic to your Website
3. Will reduce the cost of the campaign

REGISTER and link your website now.

Viral link applies to blog or website own website is not a referral.
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How to make tags WP-Cumulus at Blogspot

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wp-cumulus is originally from the wordpress plugin, but now can be used by blogspot

1. Please login to your blogger account.

2. click add gadget select labels

3. And then on the control panel entry to layout, and select edit html and check expand widgets. (if templatenya fear is broken, the previous backup your template first

4. To facilitate the search click the Ctrl + F on your keyboard and enter the code below:

After the meet and then do copy and paste the code below right underneath.

5. Click Save

Up to here is already finished? Actually not. Because we are still able to change according to the template used. To adjust the size of this widget with your blog design, please edit in the visible part of this

The command above means the number is 300 wide states, 200 states, the states and # FFFFFF background color of the widget.

To change the color or the text of any posts this widget, please edit the numbers below 333333 :

If you want to change the size of the letters shown in the section, please edit as below with the number 12 into which you want.

Note: The text / numbers with the # FFFFFF or 333333 is the hexadecimal code for colors in html. If you want to see another color code can visit the HTML color codes

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How do I choose the right keywords

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Choosing keywords is the work that is focused on what people search for what is not about the product, or content of your article.

For example more people will choose the "hotel room rates" rather than "Pearl Hotel," so use the good name of the company less in terms of what people search for, from the point of search enggine certainly does not have a problem because in the second kewyords akan index by google. So once again, the focus to what people generally look for.

To determine the keywords and find out what the person searched, you may not get the right keyword if hard thinking to do with a drink or coffee. So, better and faster and if you use the right tools that already exist, there is a link under the keywords the tool you can use:

With Overture you can enter a keyword you will be given the number of search keywords in the last month of the year. You will also be given an alternative list of relevant keywords and the search for each number of alternatives.

This tool has advantages because it already has THESAURUS, so you will be given a keyword which is used by people in search for related keywords that you provide. With this you can choose a more appropriate keyword from the keyword that you input.

A tool from google is actually made to advertisers on google adwords. But the toll is very useful to get the best keyword selection, you can also tout how competitive the keyword is used to advertiser. In addition, ajax-based tool that is very easy to use to select the keyword and you will be able to export the file directly into excel.

Full tool list for keywords you can see in the tool category.
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Advanced check Dofollow Blog

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Without using special tools. Of course, how powerful this has practical advantages in the case. That is, you do not need to hard-hard open source page that contains the html language that are difficult to understand, but just one click we can only know if the blog provides commentary backlink in the field. In this way, the hunt one way backlink by making a comment on dofollow blogs to be effective and efficient. Here's how:

1. Go to the blog you suspect dofollow using mozilla firefox browser. Open on the post that has comments.

2. Right-click on the link commentator (who ngasih comment). Small box will appear, click on "Properties"

3. New box will appear on the blog. Note the description on the "Relation". If the description states relation "dofollow or external" then this blog really backlink through comments. But if the statement is "nofollow or external nofollow" means that this blog is not pure dofollow. You leave a link in comments will not be pro metamorphosis backlink.
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Term In Adsense

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For beginners new to AdSense might not know the terms well-used. one does not have to first learn the meaning of those terms before learning more about AdSense.

Publisher is the owner of the site or you have to join the Google AdSense and also have AdSense ads on their sites.

Ad Units
The definition of Ad Units is the AdSense ads themselves. Ad Units consists of several types and sizes. The most common type is Text Ads (see picture below). At the time a visitor to click this ad unit, then, if valid, publisher akan get income in accordance with the CPC to its value.

For more details, see the examples of each type and size of Ad Units in here.

In one page, publishers are allowed to install a maximum of three Ad Units.

Link Units
Link Units are similar to the Ad Units, only the format is similar to the format menu commonplace we met in the sites

That distinguish the Ad Link Units Units at the time the visitor is to click this ad, then it will be directed to the search results pages in Google's search engine. Publisher akan get new income when visitors to click one of the existing Ad Unit on a page. In practice, Link Units terbukti generate more income than normal Ad Units.

In a one-page sites, publishers are allowed to install one Link Units only.

AdSense for Content
What is AdSense for Content AdSense ads is mounted in a page. The ads you are showing ads related dng contents page. Or use the term contextual concept. Ad Units and Link Units do is included in this AdSense for Content.

Alternate Ads
In the AdSense for Content, advertising does not always appear. The reason, among others, because the stock can be related to the ad content of the site has been exhausted or Google can not estimate what the actual content of the site. If this happens, by default, you are showing public service ads or often known by the term PSA (Public Service Ads). Because bertipe donations, so if it clicks, this ad does not produce anything for the publisher.

To overcome this, we allow Google to serve Ads Alternate ads or alternative. Ad Units If you have made the setting using the Alternate Ads, if the Ad Units can not appear, you are showing you an alternative to ad-ter setting therein.

AdSense for Search
In addition to ads, the AdSense publisher can also install the form search box on their site. This form, called AdSense for Search. When you have visitors to search using the form, then it will be brought to the search results page concerned. Similar to Link Units, publisher akan get income when one of the ads you have on that page, click on.

Publisher permitted to serve a maximum of 2 pieces form AdSense for Search on a page. In addition, publishers are not allowed to install the search form from the other party.

Referrals are another source of income in the AdSense publisher. Yes, the publisher can make a referral ads, either the form of banner and text, on their site. I need to remember, this type of ad is CPA (Cost Per Action), where the new publisher will be paid if the visitor you to click the ads have been doing a certain action.

For example, in the AdSense referral ads, you the visitor to click the ad and join the Google AdSense will generate new income for the publisher when a visitor to reach $ 100 within 6 months (180 days).

Channels are a kind of label you can be given on the Ad Units, Link Units, AdSense for Search, and Referrals. One ad unit can have more than one more, and vice versa, one label can be used for more than one ad unit. Page report on Google AdSense, the report will be based on Channels, so that the use of Channels will be very easy for publishers to analyze their AdSense Perfomance.

Generally, the publisher will give the name of Channels in the same units to existing ads in one site. If you want more detail, legal, valid only to give you different names Channels for every ad unit at each site. To remember, the maximum number of Channels allowed at this time is 200 units.

Page impressions
Page impressions is the number of how many times I show you a page containing the Ad Units opened by the visitor. Value is not affected by the quantity Ad Units existing on the page you are.

It need not be elaborate. Clicks is the number of clicks on the Ad Units owned by publisher. In the AdSense report page, publisher can see total clicks you get it, and based on Ad Units and its Channel.

CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
CTR is the difference in percent between the number of clicks received a number of Ad Units with a view to Ad Units. For example, an Ad Units I displayed 40 times and clicked on 10 times the value of having CTR 25% (10:40).

How do CTR values ideal? This is difficult because affected by many factors, such as the arrival of visitors, the number of visitors, and so forth. I concentrated for a site visitor for example, the value of CTR between 8 - 10% is included ideal.

CPC (Cost Per Click)
CPC is the amount of money you will get by if the publisher Ad Units in a click. CPC Values of each Ad Units vary and is determined by many factors, including quality and Perfomance publisher sites owned publisher. However, in general, the maximum value you may be 20% of the bid value of dynamic I offered advertisers.

eCPM (Effective CPM)
eCPM or CPM (Cost Per Million) is the result of the division of revenue between the number of publisher with the number of page impression (per 1000) I get it from iklan2nya. For example, the publisher you receive $ 200 from 50.000 impression will have a value of $ 4 CPM ($ 200/50).

ECPM values in general are not very useful for the publisher. But the publisher can see the outline of the success of Channel / Ad Units is based on eCPM Channel or Ad Units are.

source: onbisnis.com
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How To Calculate Income From Adsense

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Perhaps the calculation formula below can add insight on how the amount of income from google adsense. The following are examples of the formula calculation:

CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100
EPC = Earnings Per Click
eCPM = (Earnings / Impressions) * 1000
eCPM = CTR * EPC * 10
Earnings = eCPM * Impressions / 1000
Earnings = CTR * EPC * Impressions / 100

Example: Today is a 9 clicks from 2017 impressions. (for example the EPC = 0.04)

CTR = (9 / 2017) * 100 = 0.4462 = 0.45

eCPM = 0.4462 * 0.04 * 10 = 0.17848 = 0.18
eCPM = (0.3599941 / 2017) * 1000 = 0.17848 = 0.18

Earnings = 0.17848 * 2017 / 1000 = 0.3599941 = 0.36
Earnings = 0.4462 * 0.04 * 2017 / 100 = 0.3599941 = 0.36

Click here to learn about the terms above !!!!!
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How to Join a Publisher Adsense

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1. Service on the list of Google Adsense
You can register the service with Google Adsense click here for join

2. Make a Website / Blog
Blog is very easy to make, so this is more I recommend. Blog actual website as well, just more personal and more simple than the website generally. My suggestion, make a blog on the service blogspot / blogger. This service is owned by Google. Can only use the other free blog services, such as WordPress. However, WordPress does not seem to be supporting a free Java Script, which is used for the Adsense code.

This blog is created can only sign up for a blog. Later, after the registration is received, we can use the Adsense code on other blogs ours.

If you have your own blog or even a blog with your own domain and hosting, there is no problem using your blog. Condition, support Java Script, and already qualified number 2 below:

3. Content Website / Blog Post with English
Until this paper is made, Google Adsense is not yet supported language. Fill your blog with a posting in English at least 5 posts. For the purpose of registration, use copy-paste mechanism, of course, with attention to conditions of the license on the website / blog that you copy.

Condition number 2, I recommend this blog owner to create a new blog that is used for registration purposes. Later, after the registration is received, the adsense code it can be used on the blog already. I had 5 times declined when registering with the Indonesian language blog :-).

follow the instructions given. Fill with your actual data because the data and the email address used for payment purposes.

4. Registration Confirmation wait 2-5 days
Google will give a confirmation about the registration, whether received or rejected within 2 to 5 days. If rejected, repeat the procedure from the initial registration. Google usually provides an explanation on the reasons for rejection.

If accepted, you will be given an address to retrieve the code for adsense is placed on the website / blog. How to put adsense code depending on the blog engine that is used. For Serendipity that I use, the plugin is available that is ready to use. Some engines also have a blog plugin that allows the adsense code. WordPress for example.

5. Make Improvement

After the adsense code is used, do the improvement on the blog. Learn how to integrate Google Adsense with a layout that you use. Creative act that blog visitors has been increasing.
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Before I explain further its good you have to know, at this time that google.com was ranked 3 in the world in the top sites and sites that get the most income. Still ranking first site yahoo.com (2002, income yahoo.com site is 5 billion dollars.

I do not know exactly how much income per year google.com site it, but I am sure his income in a matter of billions of dollars. Advantage of the billions of dollars Google, Shall you take secuil are the benefits?, May be just 0.01%, or 0:02% 0:05%???

How to work google Adsense.

You just put the google ads on your site, and you'll be on pay-per-click ads. average google pay per click ads is at $ 0.01 and $ 5.00

You may laugh if you will hear how "small" google pay. But you try to think, if there is a 50,000 x 0:01 clicks? = $ 500 in a matter that the ad rates of $ 0.01 small

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a Google advertising programs. Short explanation, if we install the code of Google ads, ads will appear every visitor to visit the website / blog kita. If a visitor to click on one of the existing ads, we can get a fee from Google, the start of the U.S. dollar cents per dollar up to a few clicks. Ads can appear in the form of text, images, combined text and pictures, videos and the use of certain software (eg Firefox browser).

What is that? Yes and no. Google Adsense is the art to attract visitors. Convenience and value lies in the Google Adsense ads that appear relevant. Without the need to deceive a visitor, the ads appear in accordance with the relevant content and theme of the post website / blog. Visitors who are interested in the ad can only do click on ads without the weird taste, because the ads that appear are related to the material read.

Complexity, there are many factors that support the success of this case. Ranging from ad placement, content for visitors to post on the ads that appear.

Google Adsense is one way to get money from the internet that are real and can be evidenced. Unlike the other models money internet, there is no way to by pass can be successful with Google Adsense. Here are some suggestions to my blog that are interested in Google Adsense:

1. Do not think grandiloquence
Many people who joined Google Adsense-Adsense Publisher is called a normal-thinking and can get a monthly salary in large numbers. This makes them tend to take a shortcut by doing things that violate the TOS (Terms of Service) Google Adsense.

Value for money obtained from the size of the ad that is clicked vary. Can be the only one to ten cents $ U.S. Dollar. Also to be a few dollars per click. In one day, may not have to do is click on the ads (especially if only a few visitors). For people who want great results without hard work, of course, this is quite provoking.

Do not think flown Adsense problem. Indeed there are many successful Adsense publisher, but many also failed. Think simply. If you want to join the Google Adsense, niatkan to make it as a challenge. Do not think the money issue first. Google Adsense is a challenge, how do we resemble the ad, put it in position and lay-out and the appropriate amount of interest in the large. Make Google Adsense as the media continue to fill a good article on the blog as a media train and discipline in writing. The more articles, the more opportunities increasing blog visitors. The more visitors to blog, the greater opportunities click on the ad.

If you get results from Google Adsense, it is as a replacement cost of surfing, hosting, domains, and as paid for the articles made. Google Adsense checks sent in the U.S. $ 100 multiplier, so, after having reduced the cost of transfer or check disbursement, the value is still just enough to pay for domain and hosting for 1 year. Interesting is not it?

2. Success Requires Time
Value reached U.S. $ 100 for the Google AdSense program may require a short period of time but more often take many months. For 1 month if you only get an average of U.S. $ 5 (much less than that, depending on variatif blog), you take 20 months to reach U.S. $ 100.

Do not
take a shortcut by doing click on the ads yourself or told friends, relatives, colleagues and others to deliberately make a click on the ad. Google has the ability to detect cheating and will ban you. Remember Google's motto, "Do not be Evil". If dibanned, value for money that you earn akan were blog or website and you can not re-registered.

Patient on the results obtained. Results obtained reflect the value of your blog. If there is still very minimal, that means we must focus more efforts on improving the quality writing and blog articles.

3. Out of all ability
Google Adsense Publisher is usually successful learn more about how to fill the post with a variety of interesting things. How do I place ads in the appropriate position. How to layout website / blog is good. How to blend colors between ads and content of the website are synchronized, and so forth. You can learn more about HTML, css (Cascading Style Sheet), Java Script, Engine Blog, website format, and various other interesting things.

Then, learn how to present the website / blog are elegant and attract visitors. Fill with a variety of interesting things. Create a target number of visitors who want to achieve each month.

if you are interested in the Google Adsense, you can follow the following steps: CLICK HERE FOR STEPS

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Tips For Making FlashDisk Free From Virus

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Special for WINDOWS OS, which is vulnerable to the virus.

There are a Flashdisk antivirus, but sometimes only compatible with the latest output Flashdisk / u3.
is to try a simple trick that Flashdisk immune VIRUS.

Virus into the UFD (USB FLASH DISK) usually through file Autorun.inf
if the UFD is a file / folder autorun.inf then replaced by autorun.inf I have one with a virus infection.

Might try a simple trick from me.

Click Start, Run
Type cmd, click OK
will exit the view command prompt
move to the UFD drive
Eg it in your UFD drive G
Type G:
After that type

md autorun.inf ,enter

md autorun.inf\autorun.ini ,enter

md autorun.inf\autorun.ini\con\\.\\ ,enter.

Close the command prompt window

But in the UFD will have autorun.inf folder you can not remove (by Windows) and can also replace / overwrite by viruses do hide in autorun.infDOWS, which is vulnerable to the virus.

There are a Flashdisk antivirus, but sometimes only compatible with the latest output Flashdisk / u3.
is to try a simple trick that Flashdisk immune VIRUS.

Virus into the UFD (USB FLASH DISK) usually through file Autorun.inf
if the UFD is a file / folder autorun.inf then replaced by autorun.inf I have one with a virus infection.

Tricks based on the following:

be in the Windows / inconspicuous file / folder the same.
Are virus-infection of the UFD some way to make / change / overwrite the file autorun.inf
So the virus can not be due to infection UFD Windows / virus can not delete / overwrite 'con' I have a folder in the folder autorun.inf
does not believe?
Try to make the folder (in Windows) con dg name, akan pasti ga bisa

hopefully useful.
Note: Flashdisk it must be clean from the virus first

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How to view Position Your Website Or Blog

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Here is a list of links you can use to check the position of your website or blog. please nyoba with some of the links below address. You enter the name of a URL or keyword / keywords that you have on the web. Immediately and then you will know the performance of your website or blog. See competitors from the web that use the same keywords, or similar web content with you.

Using this link you can:

- See how search engine robots analyze
your or your competitors web site

- Receive tips on how to improve your Meta

- Check the keywords used on the page and
find the keyword density

- Check web server operating system where
site is hosted

- Check website load time

- Check website file size

- Check URLs and links found on the page

The other links :



[good tool to chk Anchor Text]





http://www.broadshout.co.uk/article.php?news=5 [what is



























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how to improve SEO

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I hope that ways can be useful for you

just copy paste and posting

you only add your blog link in the lower order

- copy paste start here -

1. Copy paste from {Start Copy Here} to {End Copy Here}

2. Please link back to the person who tagged you and PASS this tag to many of your friends

3. If you have more than one blog, please post this to all of your blogs, the more the merrier.

4. The use of NO FOLLOW on links is not allowed, Let’s all be fair!

5. Remember to come back here at JENNY TALKS (pls don’t change this link) and leave the exact post url so I can add you to the master list to help increase our rankings and improve our Technorati Authority.

6. Spread the virus.. oooopps I mean the VIRAL LINKING and happy blogging!BLOGGERS:

#1. Scraps & Shots #2. Simply Jen 3. This and That 4. Fab & Chic Finds 5.A Slice of Life 6. Jenny Talks 7.Tech Stuff Plus 8. Food on the Table 9. Aussie Talks 10. When Mom Talks 11. Moments of My Life 12. My Crossroads 13. A Life in Bloom 14. Because Life is a Blessing 15. Digiscraptology 16. BLOGSILOG 14.Cherry’s Comfort Zone 15. DigiScrapz: Captured Memories 16. Buzzy Me 17. Fab Finds, Etc. 18. Thinking Out Loud 19. Wishing and Hoping 20. PRC Board Exam Results 21. Jobs Abroad 22. My Blog Portfolio17.Race Corner 18. Hot Cam 19. Digital Camera 20. All Kinds of Me Stuff 21. Ink Baby Studios 22.The Salad Caper 23. Winding Creek Circle 24. Aggie Scraps 25. Hot-Gadget26. Digital Gadget 27.Gandacious 28. Blog Resources 29. Folcreative 30. Fresh Gadget 31. Rumination Under The Clouds 32.Consciously Think 33. Sprawt 34. Gadget Gallery 35. Geekyology 36. When Mom Speaks 37. Rumination38. Amiable Amy 39. Captured on Time 40. Pit of Gadgetry 41. Me and Mine 42. Little Peanut 43. Creative in Me 44. Around the world 45. Pea in a Pod 46. For the LOVE of Food 47. Music of My Heart 48. It’s Where the Heart Is 49. Blog in to Space 50. A Mothers Horizon 51. Simply me 52. Whats Up 53. Comedy Plus 54.Lovin’ Life 55.Ozzy’s Mom 56. Apple and Candie 57. I was once lost in love 58. Pinay in Love 59. Pau’s Big Thoughts 60. Twisted Angel 61. Hailey’s Beat and Bits 62. Living A’ La Mode 63. Bits and Pieces 64. Honey and Daisy 65. Pinay Ads 66. Great Kingkay 66. It’s Naptime 67. Lisgold 68. Signe Says 69. Thomas Web Links 70. Thomas Travel Tales 71. Nita’s Corner 72. Great Finds and Deals 73. Nita’s Ramblings 74.Batuananons 75. Filipino Online Community 76. Healthy Living and Lifestyle 77. CompTechGadgets 78.Nita’s Random Thoughts 79. Make Money Online 80. Erlinda’s Wandering Thoughts 81. Kitty’s haven 82.This and That 83. Shoppaholic girly 84. My Life in this Wonderful World 85. My Online World 86. Joys in Life 87. Journey in Life 88. Tere’s World 89. Jean’s Live it Up 90. Muzikistah 91. Maharot 92. SUPASTAH! 93.Life is a constant journey 94.Amazingly Me 95. Treeennndddzzz 96. otwarteInfo’s 98. AdventureSage 99. in-Tech Revolution 100. LovingMore 101. From Melissa’s Desk 102. denz Recreationa 103. Network of Combined Ideas 104. Sheltered Not Shattered 105. Mommying on the Fly 106. Me, Myself and Darly 107. Stay at Home Mom 108. Harmony in Motion 109. My Happy Thoughts 110. Mommyhood is Thankless 111. Life is Random. SO.I.AM 112.Life’s sweet and spices 113. Rainbow Colored Me 114. My Oweini Life 115. All About Mye Life 116. Is it Bedtime Yet 117. Super Coupon Girl 118. My Life…. My Journey 119. Project Wicked Blogs and Reviews 120. Life According To Me 121. WilStop 122. I Love Pixels 123. Cellulitic Bliss 124.Underneath It All 125. Momstart 126. Pinaymama’s Diary< href="http://myheart4him.wordpress.com/"> My Heart 4 Him 128.1StopMom 129.Random Chronicles 130.Maeyonnaise 131.Blessings in Life 132.Survivor Mom 133. Sharing my Thoughts 134.Beautiful Language 135.Medical Updates 136. Living in One Income 137. Mommy Elvz 138.elymac&frendz 139. BeinG mYselF 140.Love’s Haven 141. Mi Mundo Del Amor 142. Budiawan Hutasoit. 143. Mr6ta 144. Kios Info 145. Lyla 146. Arielz 147.Blogger Source148.Belajar ngeBlog 149. "AlvinRizki's Site 150. kangtopo blog. 151. your blog here Read More..

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