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How to Join a Publisher Adsense

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1. Service on the list of Google Adsense
You can register the service with Google Adsense click here for join

2. Make a Website / Blog
Blog is very easy to make, so this is more I recommend. Blog actual website as well, just more personal and more simple than the website generally. My suggestion, make a blog on the service blogspot / blogger. This service is owned by Google. Can only use the other free blog services, such as WordPress. However, WordPress does not seem to be supporting a free Java Script, which is used for the Adsense code.

This blog is created can only sign up for a blog. Later, after the registration is received, we can use the Adsense code on other blogs ours.

If you have your own blog or even a blog with your own domain and hosting, there is no problem using your blog. Condition, support Java Script, and already qualified number 2 below:

3. Content Website / Blog Post with English
Until this paper is made, Google Adsense is not yet supported language. Fill your blog with a posting in English at least 5 posts. For the purpose of registration, use copy-paste mechanism, of course, with attention to conditions of the license on the website / blog that you copy.

Condition number 2, I recommend this blog owner to create a new blog that is used for registration purposes. Later, after the registration is received, the adsense code it can be used on the blog already. I had 5 times declined when registering with the Indonesian language blog :-).

follow the instructions given. Fill with your actual data because the data and the email address used for payment purposes.

4. Registration Confirmation wait 2-5 days
Google will give a confirmation about the registration, whether received or rejected within 2 to 5 days. If rejected, repeat the procedure from the initial registration. Google usually provides an explanation on the reasons for rejection.

If accepted, you will be given an address to retrieve the code for adsense is placed on the website / blog. How to put adsense code depending on the blog engine that is used. For Serendipity that I use, the plugin is available that is ready to use. Some engines also have a blog plugin that allows the adsense code. WordPress for example.

5. Make Improvement

After the adsense code is used, do the improvement on the blog. Learn how to integrate Google Adsense with a layout that you use. Creative act that blog visitors has been increasing.


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