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How to make tags WP-Cumulus at Blogspot

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wp-cumulus is originally from the wordpress plugin, but now can be used by blogspot

1. Please login to your blogger account.

2. click add gadget select labels

3. And then on the control panel entry to layout, and select edit html and check expand widgets. (if templatenya fear is broken, the previous backup your template first

4. To facilitate the search click the Ctrl + F on your keyboard and enter the code below:

After the meet and then do copy and paste the code below right underneath.

5. Click Save

Up to here is already finished? Actually not. Because we are still able to change according to the template used. To adjust the size of this widget with your blog design, please edit in the visible part of this

The command above means the number is 300 wide states, 200 states, the states and # FFFFFF background color of the widget.

To change the color or the text of any posts this widget, please edit the numbers below 333333 :

If you want to change the size of the letters shown in the section, please edit as below with the number 12 into which you want.

Note: The text / numbers with the # FFFFFF or 333333 is the hexadecimal code for colors in html. If you want to see another color code can visit the HTML color codes


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