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Term In Adsense

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For beginners new to AdSense might not know the terms well-used. one does not have to first learn the meaning of those terms before learning more about AdSense.

Publisher is the owner of the site or you have to join the Google AdSense and also have AdSense ads on their sites.

Ad Units
The definition of Ad Units is the AdSense ads themselves. Ad Units consists of several types and sizes. The most common type is Text Ads (see picture below). At the time a visitor to click this ad unit, then, if valid, publisher akan get income in accordance with the CPC to its value.

For more details, see the examples of each type and size of Ad Units in here.

In one page, publishers are allowed to install a maximum of three Ad Units.

Link Units
Link Units are similar to the Ad Units, only the format is similar to the format menu commonplace we met in the sites

That distinguish the Ad Link Units Units at the time the visitor is to click this ad, then it will be directed to the search results pages in Google's search engine. Publisher akan get new income when visitors to click one of the existing Ad Unit on a page. In practice, Link Units terbukti generate more income than normal Ad Units.

In a one-page sites, publishers are allowed to install one Link Units only.

AdSense for Content
What is AdSense for Content AdSense ads is mounted in a page. The ads you are showing ads related dng contents page. Or use the term contextual concept. Ad Units and Link Units do is included in this AdSense for Content.

Alternate Ads
In the AdSense for Content, advertising does not always appear. The reason, among others, because the stock can be related to the ad content of the site has been exhausted or Google can not estimate what the actual content of the site. If this happens, by default, you are showing public service ads or often known by the term PSA (Public Service Ads). Because bertipe donations, so if it clicks, this ad does not produce anything for the publisher.

To overcome this, we allow Google to serve Ads Alternate ads or alternative. Ad Units If you have made the setting using the Alternate Ads, if the Ad Units can not appear, you are showing you an alternative to ad-ter setting therein.

AdSense for Search
In addition to ads, the AdSense publisher can also install the form search box on their site. This form, called AdSense for Search. When you have visitors to search using the form, then it will be brought to the search results page concerned. Similar to Link Units, publisher akan get income when one of the ads you have on that page, click on.

Publisher permitted to serve a maximum of 2 pieces form AdSense for Search on a page. In addition, publishers are not allowed to install the search form from the other party.

Referrals are another source of income in the AdSense publisher. Yes, the publisher can make a referral ads, either the form of banner and text, on their site. I need to remember, this type of ad is CPA (Cost Per Action), where the new publisher will be paid if the visitor you to click the ads have been doing a certain action.

For example, in the AdSense referral ads, you the visitor to click the ad and join the Google AdSense will generate new income for the publisher when a visitor to reach $ 100 within 6 months (180 days).

Channels are a kind of label you can be given on the Ad Units, Link Units, AdSense for Search, and Referrals. One ad unit can have more than one more, and vice versa, one label can be used for more than one ad unit. Page report on Google AdSense, the report will be based on Channels, so that the use of Channels will be very easy for publishers to analyze their AdSense Perfomance.

Generally, the publisher will give the name of Channels in the same units to existing ads in one site. If you want more detail, legal, valid only to give you different names Channels for every ad unit at each site. To remember, the maximum number of Channels allowed at this time is 200 units.

Page impressions
Page impressions is the number of how many times I show you a page containing the Ad Units opened by the visitor. Value is not affected by the quantity Ad Units existing on the page you are.

It need not be elaborate. Clicks is the number of clicks on the Ad Units owned by publisher. In the AdSense report page, publisher can see total clicks you get it, and based on Ad Units and its Channel.

CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
CTR is the difference in percent between the number of clicks received a number of Ad Units with a view to Ad Units. For example, an Ad Units I displayed 40 times and clicked on 10 times the value of having CTR 25% (10:40).

How do CTR values ideal? This is difficult because affected by many factors, such as the arrival of visitors, the number of visitors, and so forth. I concentrated for a site visitor for example, the value of CTR between 8 - 10% is included ideal.

CPC (Cost Per Click)
CPC is the amount of money you will get by if the publisher Ad Units in a click. CPC Values of each Ad Units vary and is determined by many factors, including quality and Perfomance publisher sites owned publisher. However, in general, the maximum value you may be 20% of the bid value of dynamic I offered advertisers.

eCPM (Effective CPM)
eCPM or CPM (Cost Per Million) is the result of the division of revenue between the number of publisher with the number of page impression (per 1000) I get it from iklan2nya. For example, the publisher you receive $ 200 from 50.000 impression will have a value of $ 4 CPM ($ 200/50).

ECPM values in general are not very useful for the publisher. But the publisher can see the outline of the success of Channel / Ad Units is based on eCPM Channel or Ad Units are.

source: onbisnis.com


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