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VIRAL LINK = Media Link Exchange = Grow Your Traffic

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Viral link exchange media is the link function to connect the links of websites that have been registered. Link will be installed throughout the website at random and without human intervention so that it automatically links all have the same opportunity to appear in the link list.

Viral link to provide free services, link your website or blog can be inserted in another website without a continental biya, that you do is register your website and the link list.

Your link will be inserted in the link list as an example the following

Viral link exchange using the principle link in the form of a link list is a list of links to websites or blogs that have joined in the viral network link 10 with the number of links to increase link. Link list will be given time to register your website or blog to link viral network.

You can also link you to monitor the development of the runtime, such as: Number of hits, the number of links appear in the List, the number of visitor and the average time for both days is also 1 to 2 days before, such as the following example in

Viral link in the network has registered 977 linker and will continue to grow. All linker will show your website link. The more the linker:

1. Will expand and multiply the number of links to your website
2. Will provide opportunities to increase Traffic to your Website
3. Will reduce the cost of the campaign

REGISTER and link your website now.

Viral link applies to blog or website own website is not a referral.


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