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Whats is Backlink

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Backlink is a link back or it is an easy link from the address of your blog which is located on another blog. Backlink helpful to increase your Google PageRank in the search engine. As a set formula in the calculation of the PageRank algorithm the number of links to be important factor.

Backlink is important, so that bloggers who want a popular blog will be struggling to get this backlink. Here are some things related to the backlink need to know.

Backlink that obtained from the blog that is not indexed then no search engine indexed also. Including that come from sites that have more than 100 links free / not included in the text content of the site.

Backlink that obtained from the blog has a PageRank of 0 and has been aged more than 1 year also worth 0. To increase the number of backlink jumped suddenly was not counted because they use energy mesin.spamming.

Backlink's blog on the similarity with the first 9 digits are calculated kaena not considered the relationship still exists.

Backlink from the blog that is not relevant to the content of the site then you are also not counted, for example, your blog about taxation, but can backlink from a blog about the heavy equipment, how to cook, dst.

Backlink that obtained from the blog that contains about hacking, spamming, porn, gambling and warehouse contents without link (linkfarm) then will not be counted as well, eyebrow value 0 (zero)

Backlink which are temporary or just a backlink is located less than 3 months will also not be counted as a backlink

YOU CAN CHECK YOUR BACKLINK IN HERE : http://backlinkwatch.com

So hopefully this course useful.

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