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Install digg button in every post

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Digg can be an accelerator for your blog, because a lot of content on the website-share there ... free. Constraints appear if someone difficulty uploading the post to digg. And to simplify it, make a digg this button. Stay logged in, and you're done!. Install digg button in every post is also easy, or the Install button on the digg website. But this time special for Blogger.

Follow the steps below to Install digg button in every post :

1. After login, go ye EDIT HTML Template

2. Check the "Expand Widget Templates"

3. Then search the code

4. If you have, post this code right above the code

Do not forget to save! Digg button then appears in the top right of the post you ... Good luck and Happy Blogging!

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Adsense Secret : Generate Blacklisted MFA Sites and Low Cost per Click ads

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Play with the Adsense is not easy. Since the beginning of the struggle to get the Adsense account until we become a publisher and try to get the number of clicks and earn some money.

Every Adsense publisher certainly know what is High Paying Keywords (HPK). But why after use high paying keywords our click values or CPC (Cost Per Click) still remained low?

Actually there is one step behind by you. It is to remove the MFA Ads (Made for Adsense) and Block low paying and irrelevant ads showing on your site.

To do this you should learn these simple guides …

As you know, or perhaps you didn’t know that our Adsense account actually has the features to block those MFA sites. Before these, you should learn how to generate those MFA sites and insert them into our Adsense Blocked Sites or Competitive Ad Filter.

Generate Blacklisted MFA Sites and Low Cost per Click ads

1) Register in AdsBlackList, it’s free!

AdsBlackList is a site where you can generate blacklisted sites (MFA and Low Cost ads) that have been blacklisted by AdsBlackList member.

2) Go to “My Account” at the left sidebar, click “Add New Domain” then add your blog and your keyword. If I’m not mistaken, you might need to wait them to approve your blog.

3) After they’ve approved you, now go to “Generate Filter List”

4) You may see your domain at the Available Domains, drag it and drop it on “Keywords from selected domains”. Checkbox the “MFA” or “LCPC” then click “Submit”. You will see a list of 200 MFA/LCPC blacklisted site.

Block Them In Adsense Account

Open your Adsense account, go “Adsense Setup” and choose “Competitive Ad Filter”. Scroll down and you’ll see this “AdSense for Content filters”. Copy the 200 MFA blacklisted sites and paste them into the box and click “Save Changes”.

I can’t guaranteed 100% that you will get good CPC (Cost per Click) for all ads, because we have just insert 200 MFA/LCPC blacklisted sites and you know there are tonnes of these MFA?LCPC sites out there, but at least you reduce the percentage of getting Adsense ads from useless MFA sites. After following these steps, you might need to sit down and analyse your result, you should be able to make more money with Adsense now.

note:MFA = Made For AdsenseLCPC = Low Cost Per ClickCPC = Cost Per Click

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10 Tips & Tricks Google Adsense

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1. For those who have not join the Google Adsense (GA) is often denied or apply in adsense, might start with making the blog in English www2.blogger.com - Update at least 1 - 2 Weeks OK if i apply the new GA. This possibility was successful with 90% note your site is not illegal site (hacker, porn, download crack) and the like and the site must also be frequently updated

2. Site you should learn the English language-or if the mixture is usually less akan out text-ads-Google it, I quit 99% advertising services (but may violate the TOS diakalin - Terms of servises) unless your site is the annual (more than 1 - 2 years) a new ad out that Indo I sometimes mix English and can also be English and sometimes can go out "advertising services

3. Never you Cheating Google because sooner or later you certainly discovered, read the TOS before because every 3 - 6 months once new regulations certainly do have the day I see more complicated ... 90% sure I never do GA cheating either deliberately or out of, most often in foul sure akan banned, if that is rarely given a warning firs

4. If you do want to increase site traffic for free how to use:

* - List all the sites in search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and MSN (do every Sunday 2)
* Exchange links / banners with each other website Send e-mail it to you friend (do not spam) or put the signature in your e-mail
* Use your site's signature when posting in the forum
* Mailing list can sometimes help (do not spam too)
* Update site and make interesting and informative as possible so that the interest for influent
* Make any home do not SPAM & no TOS violation GA

5. Alternatively you have to pay to install one banner on other sites, that you think fit with what you promote or pairs with Google AdWords. Never pay sites promising you thousands of visitors because the traffic is only temporary and is prohibited by GA

6. Do not you spam in any campaign for the site because of my own jg I hate spam and spam typically reputation despite ugly akan site traffic increases for a moment what the long-term effect will be not good and your site will be in the "blacklist". Do not be so frustrating because people who have many Indo Netter stamp out the bad reputation on the internet as Netter contentious hacker, pirate copyright, nipu own nation and last start like SPAM

7. You can affiliate with clickbank, amazon, or do other nambah revenue for your site. Position of the right ad placement, site, and often in the news-update can also make you a distinctive advantage

8. Your site should have a suffix. Com. Net, if only because Google's blogspot akan very much competition for at this time and rarely enter top ten ranking unless you find the words unique to you or your site is very informative and given the news site you useful for many people. If so take a long time for the top position in the can unless you advertise your site

9. You should have a hobby of writing the article because if your site does not only contain information you retrieved from the site of others and your rating will be slow even if you take rise from the site and continue to get you to edit and perbagus, please cantumin source of news for you is this journalists code of ethics. Article I are on the internet are often dibajak without mencamtumkan source from where. Study and share mutual respect one another Netter, if you include people who like to hijack, how yah been reduced and finally eliminated ...

10. This last is the most important "never surrender" because all people and I also start from zero. All things there is always the beginning. Study, study and learn is the key that would work in this field and I also still do to this day
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Beware!!! how to freeze the account facebook

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Beware! Facebook in the hack you. Now have the program's name GZ Facebook. How it works is quite simple, we live typing e-mail from the account that have facebook, and then click Freeze. Now wait some time .. Result, the password that facebook will have changed, and he can not go back into its facebook!

Why? Facebook to danger if we freeze like this. lost facebook account? uh, the heavy current can not access facebook. What if this day can not open facebook feels like death? He .. he ..

But it may have its positive side also loh ney program. I want to try, please download at here. The practice is only to your own account, and hold themselves see how angry you without facebook. From there we can see how addicted to facebook ourselves.

I own up at this time not know how to correct the freeze problem, but how safe enough, we also need to keep the e-mail us a username. With the information the e-mail, at least step further in avoiding the danger of the victim from the top keisengan our facebook account.

I interested to try the program, there is here. And remember, I do not personally liable for anything that may result from the program. All the responsibility of you as a user. So use wisely

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How to change the layout faceebook

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Facebook layout change that is actually easy and can be done with just a few steps.

How to change the layout of Facebook is to allow the application Yantoo Layers as the layout for your Facebook. Ok here's the steps to change the display layout of your Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account,

2. Then click on this link: App Facebook layout.

3. Then you will be asked whether to allow permission to Application, then click "Allow".

4. Next will appear a list view layout / template category with Facebook-category on the side of right. And each category consists of various types of layout and ready to select you to Facebook.

5. Select (select) in the image layout of Facebook that you like, then you will be asked to Install Layers Yantoo if not ever install. Once installed the layout of your choice will be installed.

That's how to change layout of facebook, and later I will show how to change the background Facebook also sites the layout of Facebook.

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