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Beware!!! how to freeze the account facebook

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Beware! Facebook in the hack you. Now have the program's name GZ Facebook. How it works is quite simple, we live typing e-mail from the account that have facebook, and then click Freeze. Now wait some time .. Result, the password that facebook will have changed, and he can not go back into its facebook!

Why? Facebook to danger if we freeze like this. lost facebook account? uh, the heavy current can not access facebook. What if this day can not open facebook feels like death? He .. he ..

But it may have its positive side also loh ney program. I want to try, please download at here. The practice is only to your own account, and hold themselves see how angry you without facebook. From there we can see how addicted to facebook ourselves.

I own up at this time not know how to correct the freeze problem, but how safe enough, we also need to keep the e-mail us a username. With the information the e-mail, at least step further in avoiding the danger of the victim from the top keisengan our facebook account.

I interested to try the program, there is here. And remember, I do not personally liable for anything that may result from the program. All the responsibility of you as a user. So use wisely

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