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Monetizing on Facebook with Aplication

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A breakthrough in new applications that Facebook has not been there for this. With creative ideas bermodalkan created an application where the user can answer a few questions asked and get the reward money. This application is called "Bagi-Bagi on Facebook"

in launching a new day on Saturday 25 July 2009. Of course, this attracts many attention, the bloggers and users Facebook race-race to sign up, especially with this system application also uses a referral system, where we can invite friends to join us in this application and the way we can gain additional revenue from downline (who we call friends).

How can that be obtained?
You Answered Rp 150, --
Downline from level 1 Rp 60, --
Downline from level 2 Rp 50, --
Downline from level 3 Rp 40, --
(For any questions answered)

FAQ Bagi-Bagi on Facebook :

Q: What are the application-for?
A: It is the media advertising network bridge between the advertiser (advertiser) and the readers. Simpelnya is, you pay to read the ads or the ads that run on.
When you install the ads here, your ad will be read with enthusiasm by the users of this application at this time amounted to 2.585 people.

Q: Who is the target user application?
A: The online advertisers (Advertiser) and the users facebook (FBers) who want additional income.

Q: Can I act as the advertiser (advertiser) and also as readers of the ad?
A: Of course, you can act as both.

Q: What is the benefit advertisers (Advertiser) here in other places compare?
A: Here, your ad does not just click on the course but by readers and are the responsibility of reading with enthusiasm by the user application.

Q: Why do they so enthusiastic about reading my ad?
A: Because the readers here (FBers) get a commission every ad that they read or answered.

Q: I see the term 'Click Ads' and' Qads', meaning what?
A: Click Ads is the type of ad click, that means the reader to click the link in the ad published. Readers medapatkan commission.
Qads is type ads that contain a question / quiz. Haruskan readers in the first question, when readers will get the correct commission.

Q: Can I get more commission by clicking the or the same ad many times?
A: Can not! commission / valid point that only one in the computation time only! click on the next will not take into account.

Q: What can I do to get more commission?
A: You can invite friends, they will be in your network. The depth of network level is only valid up to 3 levels below. Suppose you have a network level 1 of 10 people, the network level 2 of 100 people and level 3 of the 1000, the total network under you as much as 1110 people.

Q: How do I invite friends that they join under me?
Use the share button or link below to invite your friends


http://apps.facebook.com/bagi-bagi/index.php?fuid=13930106xx (you have no different)

Q: This game money or MLM yah? averse ah!
A: You do not need to spend money to use this application, unless you want to install the ad (Advertiser). What you do is, use the application, to sit, watch the ads there, click on the ads or ads that question there. Commission a point directly akan ter-credit to your account.

Q: Point from where? Cash can I?
A: Yes, you can point Cash. Value of 1 point at Rp 1,000, - if the point you reach the minimum requirement by bank transfer (in the BCA is Rp 10.000, -) or 10-point, the money of Rp 10.000, - akan transfer through the Bank. Do not forget, immediately update the name of the bank and your bank account number. Point came from the Advertiser. When you click the ad or the property Advertiser at the point will be distributed to you and your upline-upline.

Q: Would you please describe in more detail
A: Suppose Advertiser of advertising (20 point), or Rp 20,000, - to the Admin. Number of point to as much as (Rp 20,000 / Rp 500) = 40 people that the ad (including you). So, 1-click Uniq Facebooker worth Rp 500, - which will be distributed as follows:

for you to Rp 150, --
upline for level 1 Rp 60, --
upline for level 2 Rp 50, --
upline for level 3 Rp 40, --

So when you click 10 ads and you will get (Rp 150, - x 10 ads) = Rp 1500, --

Q: With the network system, if not for the benefit akan join first?
A: Not necessarily the first to join will be more successful in the appeal join later. Here in a few rules apply, for example:
# The depth level is only 3 levels below you. It is very possible, for example total downline you have 100 people, but there downline level 3 you have an active and total dowline 1000 people, this may occur
# When a user in a certain time period does not actively use the application they downlinenya will pass by in level 1 to the upline above. However, his name will not be clear and point-in point that has been collected is still there.

Q: How many point do I have to second this?
A: Point your property until this is second. 4.97 or equal to Rp 4,970.00

Q: seated ...... I still I doubt I ... This gimmick-indirection? truth is not in the pay?
A: The likelihood terburuknya is not there when the tide Advertiser ad here. Means that no ads will be published in as a user and you do not get the point. You will get the detail records point that you have received, if the point you have reached the minimum requirement a bank transfer of Rp 10.000, - (10 point) then the transfer will begin, and your point will be reduced a number of value transfer.

Q: Hm ... I was less comfortable with the 'network', I feel its what yah?
A: Like MLM, ponzi schemes, pyramid, money game, arisan money, business 5 bucket yah? Reasonable when you behave suspiciously. Here you do not need to spend money. No Risk! The more users this application, hopefully interesting (advertiser) to install the ad here. The more funds that the advertiser to remove the ads, the more potential commissions also that you can achieve, that is the consequence in this application named "Share-Share", share the profits :-)

Q: What is the ad that expired?
A: This is an ad that is running out time / publications. Advertisers (Advertiser) pay some money to the manager, eg Rp 100.000, - This is for 200 people. 1 so that people click worth Rp 100 ribu / 200 = Rp 500. 500 in cash to distribute:
Management (Rp 200, -)
You (Rp 150, -)
Upline Level 1 (Rp 60, -)
Upline Level 2 (Rp 50, -)
Upline Level 3 (Rp 40, -)

This ad will expire when you reach the 200 people already have the answer or to click this ad. Automatic, this ad will go into the status of "Expired".

Q: Are the ads that can be expired by the Advertiser extend?
A: Yes, of course. When you as the advertiser (advertiser), you can extend the ads that you have. Good more ... orang2 that has been said / clicks your ad will not take into account in the alias pointnya point they will not grow. For example, you purchase advertising for the 200 people at Rp 100,000, - When you have reached this ad expired, and you want to extend the 200 people again, for the same ad, then you just transfer the money back to the admin of 100 thousand to 200 people and more This does not include 200 people who yesterday had the same read / reply your ad.

Q: What is effective advertising here?
A: Of course, with the number of users until the application at this time of 20.000 people, they will always be waiting from your ad. My advice, to promote the website / product / service, use a bit difficult, so that the reader will learn serious website / product / services from you. If necessary, when you advertise the website, give answers when readers first have to register it on your website. AND, answers questions and can at will change you as an advertiser, this prevent ... have the answer to the leaking downlines :-)

How to participate and run this application, please see the explanation below:

1. Follow the application with the click here
2. Please answer the questions you are given

* note the hint (instructions), select the correct answers and submit

do not forget to invite other friends to spread the link that you have down on the left or click on share

do not forget to invite other friends to spread the link that you have down on the left or klikKarena with many friends on the more chance you also get additional revenue.

Absorbed from Facebookpun not we can get additional revenue.
please try application here
Oya, should report before the many friends who participate, because the fewer friends who join the more chance we get to the downline means an additional form of revenue share

Nb: If you have questions do not mean that all ads have been exhausted be another user, please wait tomorrow or some time (while hopefully pray that many want to place ads on this application, so we can reply and get the rupiah: o)


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