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CPA Secrets - Tips on Using Free Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

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There are many benefits in promoting CPA offers as it doesn't require you to generate a sale before you earn a commission. Using paid methods to send traffic to your offers is always a good thing but when first starting out you may not have the marketing budget to do so, so here are some ways to get traffic for free.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing is a way you can drive traffic to your offers by writing simple articles like the one you are reading now. Just write about a topic that involves something that your CPA offer surrounds and then finish the article by having your affiliate links in the resource box. The only cost here is the time it takes to create these articles but if you have time on your hands this is a very good way to get targeted traffic.

Video Marketing:

Developing and posting a video on websites like Youtube will display your offer to hundreds of Internet searchers and most computers come equipped with video editing software that you can use. There is no limit on how many videos you can create that contain a link to your offer and it's free to upload videos online.


Free classified ad websites like Craigslist have millions of visitors that come every month to search for all types of things. Just create an compelling ad and you will snag up visitors from these type of sites and bring them to your CPA offer, again your only cost is your time for posting ads.

These are just a few different free methods that you can use but you have to be sure and contact your affiliate manager within your CPA network to see if any of these forms of promotion are allowed for that particular offer as each offer has it's only guidelines.

Learn even more powerful techniques and tips by visiting the Adwords Reinvented Course.

Super affiliates are pulling in cash hand over fist with these methods and you need these skills in your online arsenal.

Be sure to check out http://www.AdwordsReinventeds.com now!

Don't let your competition get an upper hand on you!

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Using SEO Elite to Get High Search Engine Rankings

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Lots of cash can be made from a website but you must be thinking of the most effective ways to do it seriously. Don't you wish that your site ranked at the top of search engines, with enormous traffic and six digit sales? Why not in addition, the sooner you can explode your efforts the more you will benefit.

Every single day more internet marketers become fans of SEO software, and you bet they are not into the wrong path! SEO tools help us save us huge efforts and endless time.

The SEO Elite users are some of the most successful people in this internet world. Elite offers have many rich features unlike other search engine optimization product. However, this is not the pride; it is the results, which are achieved repeatedly.

The problem is SEO Elite is such a thing for which you will spend and get no increase in traffic if no effort is put in. It is a monster in the right hands but a disaster in the wrong ones.

Ultimately, it takes 2-3 days to master this thing - three full days to ignore other things to understand what works with SEO Elite and what does not. Because, believe in me that this is a masterpiece of a software.

Do not think I am exaggerating the potential of SEO Elite. There are a lot of benefits to using software like this because it will automate a bunch of your tasks for you. Being able to automate certain tasks will be the bread and butter of any profitable business.

Learn a Step by Step approach to SEO and How You Can Begin Getting High Search Engine Rankings Without All the Expensive Software!


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On Page Website Optimization

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Setting up a website for anyone that has been doing it for any length of time is no big deal. In fact it's a piece of cake or is it? What I mean is that sometimes the tasks that we perform very frequently start to become so familiar that we skip steps without even knowing it.

One of my hobbies is woodworking. In any kind of carpentry trade the statistics overwhelming show that more accidents are due to the operator becoming too comfortable with the tools and not focusing enough on the task at hand. In woodworking this could cost you a hand!

Luckily with on page SEO all you will loose is your rankings and of course the income that you would have made from those nice listings in the SERPS!

So with this in mind you may find it worth your time to make a simple check list that will help you insure that your web pages are setup correctly for the search engines. This check list should include...

1. H1 TAG. Make sure the page title is enclosed within H1TAGS.

2. Your target keyword is within the first paragraph and distributed sparingly throughout the page.

3. Use the targeted keyword phrase within the Anchor Text of the page.

4. The page should contain between 400 and 500 words.

5. Sentences should not be exceeding long this will help your readability score.

6. META TAGS, yes still important! The description tag should contain the main keyword near the beginning and should be less than 200 characters, including spaces. Don't waste this space. Write to compel surfers to click. If you have a business that you are looking to also get phone calls put your businesses phone number in the description tag.

7. ALT TAGS. Optimize the images on the page with a accurate description of the image. If you can include your keyword in that description that's great but keyword stuffing the ALT TAGS will hurt your rankings.

8. KEYWORD TAG. Use your main keyword and a few variations like plurals and or misspellings. As you write the copy for your site keep in mind to use variations of the main keyword and keep the copy focused on user benefit. If the mechanics of the on page optimization are in place the search engine robots will be able to read and analyze the relevancy of the page to the keyword that is within the H1 tag.

Last but not the least of importance is the use of a site map. Make sure that you use a site map on all your sites. This provides a roadmap for the search engine spiders to locate and index all the pages of your site.

Je Dunn has been writing articles online for nearly 7 years. Not only does this author specialize in SEO and Search Marketing, you can also check out his latest website on Kitchen Ceiling Lights and Heat Pump Comparisons

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3 Super Simple Tips For Keyword Optimization

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There are many many "blueprints" and "formulas" out there for internet marketers to choose from, and there is success stories from each. But one thing that almost all marketers invest at least a little bit of time into keyword optimization. A website that is seen as relevant to a particular set of keywords will be put in front of people searching for those keywords and then those searchers will visit your site.

How many keywords?
You should be paying more attention to making sure the content of your website flows naturally and fits well rather than the number of times a certain keyword appears. In saying that, there are many different theories pertaining to keyword optimization; some people will say 1% (1 in 100) of your words should be the key term, others say put it in the title of the paragraph, near the beginning of the article and near the end. In the end it's all subjective as the rules and guidelines for SEO and keyword density and optimization are ever changing.

Proximity of keywords?
Having certain keywords in close proximity to one another can also be very helpful. For example the first sentence might contain one keyword while the second sentence contains a variant of that key phrase. This shows the search engines relevancy to a certain topic.

What the heck is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)?
Basically LSI is another thing that the search engines look at on your page. As a quick example; if your site has the keyword "Apple" in it, then the search engine must check the other words on the page to try and figure out whether or not your site is about apple trees or Apple Computers. One main rule of thumb I follow is to always optimize for one keyword phrase and then weave in a few secondary phrases, this way you may be indexed for both keywords as well as catering for your sites LSI. In making sure that you also include those secondary (relevant) phrases you also show the search engines that you have a site that is rich in relevant content and will therefore send more visitors your way.

Final points?
Even if you manage to achieve the top spot on any search engine through correct keyword optimization and SEO techniques, you must always remember that content is king. While you want some optimized phrases and to place the correct meta-tag information on your site, the most important thing is juicy valuable content. You want to build your site based on that rich content and then focus on optimization techniques.

If you already have a content rich website and want to make sure your Keyword Optimization is top notch, or for an instant download of 3 FREE specific strategies to make more money on the internet, head on over to http://keywordelitesoftware2.tk

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How To Use EzineArticles For Content

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The EzineArticles directory is the best-known and most-cited article directory on the Web. Due to its stringent editorial guidelines it has garnered a high level of trust in Google and other search engines. This is a good thing for anyone willing to spend the time and effort in creating original articles for submission to the directory. If you choose your keywords carefully (especially when crafting the title) and use good anchor text and calls to action in the resource box, your articles will over time generate substantial traffic to your site. (It also makes money for EzineArticles, since some percentage of readers will click the AdSense ads instead of following the link(s) to your site. That’s the price you pay for the traffic, although of course it doesn’t actually cost you anything in real terms.)

There’s another way you can use EzineArticles, though, and that’s as a source of free content for your own blogs and websites. All you have to do is follow EzineArticles’ publishing guidelines.

Take, for example,article BlackBerry Applications: What Software Developers Need To Know which primarily drives traffic to my BlackBerry consulting landing page. Having other sites republish that article gives me more backlinks and more traffic.

Republishing an article is quite simple. First you search for an appropriate article. One you’ve found one you like, click the EzinePublisher link to the right of the article title. (For a live example, just click this link to open the EzinePublisher page for my own article in a separate window — it’ll make it easier to follow the rest of this article.)

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7 steps to get a bigger earning adsense

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The Google AdSense program is like finding money in the street.

Kids in High School are making thousands of dollars a month with Adsense... Housewives, Retiree's, Mom and Pop's who've never made a dime on the Internet have created full time incomes by simply placing AdSense Ads on their web site or blog.

Then you have the "Super AdSense" earners. We have all heard of them... the Elite few who are on track to make half a million dollars a year or more promoting AdSense sites.

Do not be mistaken though... these people are not building like your Mom and Pop's do. They have systems in place that create sites for them... people who build sites for them... they have outsourced and automated many of the tedious tasks such as posting to blogs and searching for keywords.

While most people cannot emulate everything these Super AdSense earners do... many of them you can.

Here are 7 Required Steps you can implement today to copy their success.

1) Starting today... treat your AdSense business like it is a REAL business and track what you do.

Begin tracking what you are doing that works... as well as what you are doing that does not work. This will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over, and you can repeat the steps that have worked in the past. As simple as this step seems... most people do not know the reason(s) to their success or failure.

2) Utilize the latest tools and software available.

The Super AdSense earners are not any smarter than your average person. I know many people think they are... but for the most part, they are regular non techie people.

They are smarter in one respect though... they use the latest tools available to them to automate most of the tasks involved with researching and creating sites. They use the latest keyword, site creation and search engine optimization tools available. The tools they use are their secret weapons.

3) Quit chasing the Mega Dollar keywords.

You cannot compete with the search engine experts who create sites for the $80 payout keywords. You may get lucky every now and then... but in the long run, you are better off building sites for the low to mid range payout keywords. The competition is less, and your chance of success is much higher over the long term.

4) Choose broad niches and break it down.

Choose a broad subject as your main theme (lets use computers for an example). From there... break it down into as many sub niches as possible.

Using Computers as the example... you could build sub niches/sites like laptop computers, computer hard drives, computer keyboards, etc, etc. You could literally build hundreds of sites around one major theme and stay totally focused. Once you have exhausted every possible sub niche of that major theme... choose another main theme and repeat the process.


Keep your sites easy to navigate and forget the fancy graphics that distract your visitors attention. Unless you are just building AdSense sites for the fun of it and to impress your friends... the purpose of having the site is to have people click on one of the ads, right? Then keep the site layout simple... dump the scrolling banners, dancing chickens and colored scroll bars... they are distractions.

6) What is the purpose of your web site?

Your web site cannot be everything to everybody. If you have a full fledged ecommerce site, with products for sale... links to other products, it is not a good site for AdSense. If the primary focus of the site is to sell products... let it do that.

Do not distract or confuse your visitor with to many options or choices. The best AdSense sites are AdSense only content sites that sell nothing. They are sites that "Tell"... not "Sell."

7) Be consistent.

This is not one of those deals where you build one site and you are done. Refer back to Step #4. You must continuously build in order to be successful.

Think of it as planting a crop that you will harvest in a month or two, and the sites you build are seeds. Once the seeds have grown and matured... you will reap the harvest. The more seeds you plant... the larger the harvest.

To sum it up... utilize the tools available to automate as much of the process of building sites - doing research and building keyword lists as you can. This alone will help keep you organized and on track. Be consistent in building... treat it like the business it is and you will reap the rewards of your harvest.

Andrew Daum is the Publisher of the New Traffic Tools Newsletter. You can subscribe by visiting his web site at; http://www.newtraffictools.com and receive updates when the latest to be released traffic building software is available.

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