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3 Super Simple Tips For Keyword Optimization

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There are many many "blueprints" and "formulas" out there for internet marketers to choose from, and there is success stories from each. But one thing that almost all marketers invest at least a little bit of time into keyword optimization. A website that is seen as relevant to a particular set of keywords will be put in front of people searching for those keywords and then those searchers will visit your site.

How many keywords?
You should be paying more attention to making sure the content of your website flows naturally and fits well rather than the number of times a certain keyword appears. In saying that, there are many different theories pertaining to keyword optimization; some people will say 1% (1 in 100) of your words should be the key term, others say put it in the title of the paragraph, near the beginning of the article and near the end. In the end it's all subjective as the rules and guidelines for SEO and keyword density and optimization are ever changing.

Proximity of keywords?
Having certain keywords in close proximity to one another can also be very helpful. For example the first sentence might contain one keyword while the second sentence contains a variant of that key phrase. This shows the search engines relevancy to a certain topic.

What the heck is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)?
Basically LSI is another thing that the search engines look at on your page. As a quick example; if your site has the keyword "Apple" in it, then the search engine must check the other words on the page to try and figure out whether or not your site is about apple trees or Apple Computers. One main rule of thumb I follow is to always optimize for one keyword phrase and then weave in a few secondary phrases, this way you may be indexed for both keywords as well as catering for your sites LSI. In making sure that you also include those secondary (relevant) phrases you also show the search engines that you have a site that is rich in relevant content and will therefore send more visitors your way.

Final points?
Even if you manage to achieve the top spot on any search engine through correct keyword optimization and SEO techniques, you must always remember that content is king. While you want some optimized phrases and to place the correct meta-tag information on your site, the most important thing is juicy valuable content. You want to build your site based on that rich content and then focus on optimization techniques.

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