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CPA Secrets - Tips on Using Free Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

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There are many benefits in promoting CPA offers as it doesn't require you to generate a sale before you earn a commission. Using paid methods to send traffic to your offers is always a good thing but when first starting out you may not have the marketing budget to do so, so here are some ways to get traffic for free.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing is a way you can drive traffic to your offers by writing simple articles like the one you are reading now. Just write about a topic that involves something that your CPA offer surrounds and then finish the article by having your affiliate links in the resource box. The only cost here is the time it takes to create these articles but if you have time on your hands this is a very good way to get targeted traffic.

Video Marketing:

Developing and posting a video on websites like Youtube will display your offer to hundreds of Internet searchers and most computers come equipped with video editing software that you can use. There is no limit on how many videos you can create that contain a link to your offer and it's free to upload videos online.


Free classified ad websites like Craigslist have millions of visitors that come every month to search for all types of things. Just create an compelling ad and you will snag up visitors from these type of sites and bring them to your CPA offer, again your only cost is your time for posting ads.

These are just a few different free methods that you can use but you have to be sure and contact your affiliate manager within your CPA network to see if any of these forms of promotion are allowed for that particular offer as each offer has it's only guidelines.

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